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Flashback to the first grand prize winner of Who Wants to be a Millionaire0:30

It was 2005 when Rob Fulton became the first Aussie to win the Who Wants to be a Millionaire grand prize. Courtesy Channel Nine.

  • July 7th 2015
  • 3 years ago

ALMOST 10 years ago to the day, Rob Fulton sat across from Eddie McGuire with just one question standing in his way of a cheque for ,000,000.

More than 600 contestants had been in the Who Wants to be a Millionaire chair before him, but none of them had ever had a crack at the final hurdle before.

The question: Which of these popular ‘60s TV shows premiered first?

(A) Bewitched (B) Get Smart (C) Hogan’s Heroes (D) I Dream of Jeannie

If he got it wrong, Rob would have walked away with just ,000 but he didn’t seem fazed.

“Are you prepared to have a go to win a million dollars?” asked Eddie.

“Why not,” replied Rob, as his girlfriend Claire looked on worryingly from the studio audience.

The graphics operator from NSW locked in (A) Bewitched and, after the mandatory commercial break of course, Eddie’s face lit up and confetti rained from the ceiling as the game show host excitedly announced, “You’ve won a million dollars!”

Fast forward a decade later and what do Rob and Eddie remember about that moment in Australian TV history, and does Rob have any of his prize left? News.com.au decided to find out.


“I actually wanted to get on Sale of the Century but it had folded, so I decided to give Millionaire a try,” said Rob.

“I was really quite bad at the game so I started just going onto encyclopedias on the computer and I’d hit ‘random function’ and would try to read up on different articles. It took me about six months of studying, but I finally started getting some basic questions right when I watched the show so I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll give it a go now’.”

It took Rob a “frustrating” five years of applying to get on the show, but once he did, he sure made the most of it.


When Rob finally got his go in the big chair, it’s fair to say he needed to win big.

“I was pretty much living off a credit card,” he said. “I had bugger all in the savings account”.

He’d just started dating Claire and was slightly embarrassed by the tiny, cramped apartment that he lived in.

So when arose the chance to play on for a million dollars, he didn’t hesitate.

“I’d always wanted to go for broke on the show,” he said. “I had nothing to lose”.

And when Eddie said those magic words, it was literally a dream come true for Rob.

“I’d imagined myself winning quite a few times before so if you look at the replay I probably don’t look that excited, because I’d won a lot of times in my mind.”

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